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     World War 2                     



                                     " We are the Buckley Boys,

 We are the Buckley Boys,

We know our manners,

And we spend our tanners,

We are respected wherever we go,

When we're marching down the Old Lane End,

Doors and windows open wide,  Open wide !

We're the boys for supping ale,

Out of a dixie or out of a pail.

We are the Buckley Boys. "







Immediately after the declaration of war the British Expeditionary Force left for France. A few days later Buckley members of the Territorial Army, part of the Anti-Tank Regiment, left with their equipment. It was reported that ’the boys went away singing and were cheered on their way’. On the home front there was time for the ARP and Local Defence Volunteers (later re-named the Home Guard) to organise. There were plenty of

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